Hastings (1st – 8th June 2014)

Sara has written about Leeds Castle
This castle has been a Norman stronghold, a royal residence for six of England’s medieval queens,a palace of Henry VIII and a retreat for the powerful and influential. We have seen Heraldry Room /1552-1926/- sir Richard Smythe and his family. Queen’s Room is a room where lived Catherine de Valois. She was a 21 year old French Princess when her husband King Henry V of England died. The bed is symbolizing the Queen’s lofty status. Henry VI reigned 1547-55, he was celebrated as a linguist,scholar and was a strict Protestant Portrait-above the fire place left- he can be seen holding a bible. In Banqueting Hall, measuring 73 feet from one end to the other is the longest room in the castle, had his guests the King Henry VIII. In Leeds Castle lived his first wife Catherine Aragon. Lady Bailey’s loved the birds and at Boardroom Corridor we are looking at several watercolours of birds in 19-20th centuries.
Bedroom was designed by famous designer Stephane Boudin who first visited castle in January 1936. Thorpe Hall Room –it is Thorpe Hall near Peterbourgh. It was designed by Peter Mills in 1653, Mills and Wren were the architects who supervised the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666. French and English furniture is from 18th century. The most interesting was French Empire Clock from 1806.

Lucie, Georgy and Nikita have written about Hastings
First it was Hasting and there live people from Hast or Haster.The English King Edward the Confessor died. After his death became the English King Harold and he was fighting with Willliam the Conqueror.The town was very important in 11 century. In 13 century it was changed in a port /here was a huge storm/.Hastings became in medieval time one of five famous towns called Cinque Ports /next four was in Kent/.You can see there the Shades /fish region on the coast with 45 boats/.Hastings Castle is situated in the town Hastings. The castle was originally built as a motte- and –bailey castle near the sea. In 1070 William was issued orders from the castle to be rebuilt in stone. In time of the King John was destroyed. In 1339-77 was attacked by French and more of the castle was lost to the sea. Today we can see only some walls of the castle.We visited Smugglers Caves. We stepped back in time through tunnels and caverns to discover history of the smugglers. We have seen a film. They smuggled gin, wool, gold, tea or silver. Now is here the world of smugglers Adventure.

Brighton- Sea life Centre is a aquarium, have written Klara and Lucka. It was very nice. You can find sharks,turtles,crabs and many more.The best fish was a shark because sharks are very Dangerous and they have sharp teeth. Klara and Lucka would like to visit Sea Life Centre again. The project was presented by Barunka. In Brighton is Royal Pavillion built for Prince regent. Lucka and Klarka think that it looks like Taj Mahal.

Rye- it is a walked town and port on the River Rother. Rye joined the Cinque Ports Federation.We saw St. Mary Church with golden “quarter boys”,they strike every quarter an hour. In 18th century the town was centre of smugglers. The High Street is Mermaid Street where lived famous people,ex. Wells or Kipling. If you visit Rye Heritage centre, you will be in the medieval town with smugglers. It was written by Bara.

Sara has written about Cantenbury Cathedral
There has been a Cathedral here since 597 AD, when St Augustine,sent by Pope Gregory the Great,arrived in Cantenbury and became the first Archbishop. In 1170 Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in the Cathedral and ever since, the Cathedral was attracted thousands of pilgrims.In the Nave we look around, note the beautiful fan shaped ceiling and the tall vertical columns.Thomas Becket was murdered in the Martyrdom on 29th December 1170.The murderers,four knights,thought they were acting on orders of the King Henry II who had exclaimed “who will rid me of this turbulent priest?” The Crypt is the oldest part of the Cathedral and the place of Becket’s tomb until it was moved to its new site in the Trinity Chapel. It was destroyed in1538 during the Reformation on the orders of Henry VIII.

Karolina and Anicka have written about the Tower of London
We were visiting the Crown Jewels. We have seen : the Imperial State Crown, the Crown of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in set 2,800 diamonds and Edward’s Crown which was used at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Very interesting were Yeoman Warders, they guarded the Tower and today they are guides there.

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